Matthew Bouvier aka Molotov



Currently Matthew Bouvier aka Molotov lives in the East bay and has his own entertainment Company "Bouvier Industries"

specializing in Wild West and Sideshow entertainment.

Molotov can be seen performing regularly at Cabert Perilous in Oakland, Little Minskeys in SF, Cabaret Caliente in the North Bay.

Molotov is available for consultations and private lessons at The Gypsy Cowboys studio in West Oakland.

For booking or more information please contact:

Matthew Bouvier email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. phone 415-860-2995

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The Gypsy Cowboys featuring Bullwhips, Sword swallow, and Knife throwing. Filmed in Sacramento and Carmichael, CA


The Gypsy Cowboys featuring The Wheel of Death and Molotov throwing flaming knives around his spinning subject.


The Gypsy Cowboys featuring Molotov's interview on how The Gypsy Cowboys started and The Wheel of Fortune.