Giant Hot Rod Grocery Cart

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Slamson the Sacramento Kings Mascot is by far one of the most creative and entertaining Mascots in the business. On St. Patrick's Day 2012 Parade in Old Sacramento, Slamson was a total hit rolling up on a "Giant Hot Rod Grocery Cart".

The majority of floats lacked creativity and candy, which was a real bummer for my (5 years old). However some did top the list.The Sacramento Fire Department, and The Sacramento Sirens both had an amazing appearance. Read our review on Carmichael Patch.

Slamson riding in a giant hot rod grocery cartEngine from the giant grocery cartMeet Slamson the Sacramento Kings Mascot

Slamson Sacramento Kings Mascot rides in a Giant Hot Rod Grocery Cart. 2012 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Old Sacramento, CA.

Filmed by "The Nose" This Blog also posted on Carmichael Patch in March 2012