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These days it doesn't take much to imagine how easily and conclusively the very wealthy can influence a politician. But what can we do about it, right?

Thursday night I attended a Tea Party meeting at the Carmichael Library. The room was filled with 20 or more people determined to tackle local issues and some political inequalities.

The meeting had several speakers on a variety of topics.

Long term Carmichael resident Jim Baker (seen in video) spoke about Prop 218, which requires local governments to place before the voters certain existing assessments and taxes. Baker also pledged his frustration of the incompetence of Carmichael Water District and the new tax hike on water.

"You can't make wrong right!" said Baker.

The meeting also had one man Jonathan Zachariou of Sacramento, CA running for state Assembly District 7. Zachariou answered questions from the crowd and also told us his reasoning to run for Assembly. Most impressively he read and discussed the "California Constitution", which personally I have never read before.

I was very pleased with the delivery of good information and the intelligent questions from the room. In my personal opinion I think we need more noisy grassroots movements to deliver a real shock to the political system. The Carmichael, Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks Tea Party group is a fine example of a Community voice willing to stand up and protect personal liberties and question political inequalities.

By Ajgayner March 2012 This Blog also posted on Carmichael Patch See more Tea-Party Events.


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