Action News Video and Blog on Car Accident


Just after 8 p.m. July 21, 2012, the twisted sound of metal crushing filled my house in Carmichael. Immediately I ran outside onto Fair Oaks Boulevard (east of California Avenue) to find one car in the ditch and another in flames.

One driver (seen in video) staggered out of his vehicle looking almost untouched. The other driver began to run away on foot.

Several of my neighbors who had seen all the alcohol bottles scattered in and around the vehicle, ran after the man and caught him down the street.

Crews from the California Highway Patrol and Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District were quick to the scene.

"I barely had time to dodge the car coming straight at me in my lane, it could have been head on!" said the driver of a silver Toyota Highlander.

Later, I spoke to one CHP officer about the accident, who confirmed alcohol was a factor.

Personally I see a wreck like this about every 90 days on Fair Oaks Blvd. Some of them are major and some just fender benders.

My children and I walk on this street a lot, Most of Fair Oaks Blvd near California Ave. has no sidewalks, so we are always really careful to watch for cars.

To my readers: Do you walk on this street? Is Fair Oaks Blvd. a haven for car accident?