Triple OG Sacramento

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Triple OG (Hannibal Smartt) was born in Sacramento, California. He was raised by both his parents. Growing up young Hannibal had a strained relationship with his father, but got along pretty well with his mother. During his childhood: James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and Gill Scott Heron where his favorite musicians. He also liked some rock music. When he was young he would buy the latest music, make his own songs, and practiced on his neighbor's piano. Hannibal left home at the age of 17. When Hannibal was a young adult he was an entrepreneur. He did real estate, janitorial services, and had mobile car detailing business. During the time of his businesses he was involved with the streets. He sold many types of drugs, politically affiliated with gangs, and did drugs, and alcohol. At the age of 26 he got married to a woman named Sharon Johnson. The marriage lasted 10 years. During those years he became the step father to Tania, and produced a child Amina. Hannibal got shot weeks before his daughter Amina was born. While lying in bed a nurse told him his daughter Amina was being born in the same hospital. After the divorce years later he fathered another child with a woman named Gina Grubbs. The child's name is Africa, and he is still currently raising her today. In his changes he became a vegan, and an avid mediator Hannibal has been clean from drugs for 18 years, and the streets for 12 years. His music is away to give back to the streets in which he took.
Lives in Sacramento, California

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